Farmina N&D Ocean Herring & Orange Medium & Maxi Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

$ 5.18 / LB


This food equals to Burritos as a human food

Ingredient Quality

Ingredient Info

HerringDehydrated herringSweet potatoesHerring oilDried whole eggsFiber vegetable of peasDried carrotsSun-cured alfalfa mealInulinFructooligosaccharidesYeast extractDried sweet orangeDried pomegranateDried appleDried spinachPsyllium seed huskDried blueberrySaltBrewers dried yeastTurmericGlucosamineChondroitin sulfateVitamin a supplementVitamin d3 supplementVitamin e supplementAscorbic acidNiacinCalcium pantothenateRiboflavinPyridoxine hydrochlorideThiamine mononitrateBiotinFolic acidVitamin b12 supplementCholine chloride Beta-carotene Zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelateManganese methionine hydroxy analogue chelateFerrous glycineCopper methionine hydroxy analogue chelateSelenium yeastDl-methionineTaurineL-carnitineAloe vera gel concentrateGreen tea extractRosemary extractMixed tocopherols

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Nutrition Analysis


19.4 % higher than requirement



14.3 % higher than requirement


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