Blue Buffalo Carnivora Woodland Blend Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food

$ 3.86 / LB


This food equals to Sushi as a human food

Ingredient Quality

Ingredient Info

Deboned chickenDried chickenDeboned turkeyChicken mealChicken fat Tapioca starch Chicken liver and hearts Dried egg product Dried tomato pomace Fava beans Deboned duckGelatinNatural flavorFlaxseedChickpeasLentilsFish oilDried pollockDried halibutDried codDried soleTurkey liverDried pork liverDried chicken liverDried sardineDried tunaChicken cartilageDicalcium phosphateSaltPotassium chlorideCalcium carbonateZinc amino acid chelateIron amino acid chelateCopper amino acid chelateManganese amino acid chelateCalcium iodateSodium seleniteVitamin e supplementNiacinCalcium pantothenateBiotinVitamin a supplementThiamine mononitrateRiboflavinVitamin d3 supplementVitamin b12 supplementPyridoxine hydrochlorideFolic acidDried chicory rootCholine chlorideTaurinePreserved with mixed tocopherolsTurmericBlueberriesCranberriesApplesBlackberriesPomegranateSpinachPumpkinCarrotsDried kaleSunflower seedsPumpkin seedsL-carnitineBarley grassDried kelpParsleyYucca schidigera extractDried yeastDried enterococcus faecium fermentation productDried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation productDried aspergillus niger fermentation extractDried trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extractDried bacillus subtilis fermentation extractOil of rosemary

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Nutrition Analysis


28.7 % higher than requirement



16.7 % higher than requirement


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